Currently I accept First Choice Health Network (which includes some Kaiser Permanente plans), and Personal Injury claims.

You need to have a script from a doctor (MD, DO, or ND), a nurse practitioner (NP), or a chiropractor (DC), in order for me to bill your insurance. While your insurance company may say you don’t need one to get massage, a lot of times the person on the phone with you doesn’t understand that I can’t write a script for you. Massage therapists are not legally allowed to diagnose, and so we cannot write our own scripts. Unfortunately, your physical therapist cannot write one for you, either.

Once you have a script from your provider, and you have confirmed your benefits with your insurance company, we can start treatment! It’s helpful for me to know in advance how many sessions you are allowed every year so that we don’t exceed them, but once I have your script, your insurance ID, and all of your information, you can let me handle the rest.