After sustaining injuries while studying dance in college, Naomi turned to massage to rehabilitate and discovered her new passion. Long fascinated by alignment and functionality of movement, practicing massage allows Naomi to continue to learn more about the body and help others develop a stronger connection with theirs. Her goal when working with clients is to always help them reach their ideal ease of movement and be able to do the activities that make them happy, whether that means running a half-marathon, dancing the tango, reading voraciously, or playing with their grandchildren without pain.

Naomi's focus in massage is heavily influenced by her dance background and awareness of our relationship with gravity. Her training has included extensive deep tissue and myofascial release techniques, with an emphasis on structural integration influences, all of which are designed to reestablish more useful movement. 

With more than a decade of massage experience, in addition to her additional movement studies, Naomi is able to access a wealth of knowledge when treating your body. Your sessions will always be focused on an agreed-upon intention between yourself and Naomi—some days you may feel like relaxing, others you may feel like working towards a long-term goal of greater physical functionality—but they will always be tailored to fit your needs for the day.

In short, the type of massage that Naomi likes to do makes you feel better while you are on her table, but is ultimately designed to make you feel better in your daily life. If movement or rest generally feels easier, you can pay attention to what matters more to you: your activity and not the discomfort you feel doing it!